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Sculptors Who Have Influenced My Art


Like every artist, there are a lot of Sculptors who have influenced my Art. Heres a few of them. Some were discovered years ago when I started on my creative journey. Others, later on, some rediscovered as my visual vocabulary has changed and evolved.

David Smith Sculptor

I happened upon David  Smith,s sculpture while visiting a Secondhand Art Book Shop in Charring Cross in London. As a student living of £ 30 a week ( a bedsit was only £ 10 a week!) I loved to splash out on art books, excited by the beautiful and inspiring work of other artists. Learning about their lives, making processes, ups and downs.

I loved reading about his daily routine. His pride in having a large stock of materials to create his sculptures. His work ethic and his love of nature as well as the man-made.

“Sculpture is as free as the mind; as complex as life.” David Smith


Isamu Noguchi

I rediscovered Isamu Noguchi,s sculptures only a year ago! Seeing a video about his life. As luck would have it the next day I went to a local flea market. Always looking for cheap tools and books. While browsing through some bookshelves between Manet and Van Gogh I happened upon a great book of his with great photos. Talk about chance!

His work appears to me strong and quiet at the same time. The mixtures of wood and stone so complimentary.

I did see some of his sculptures when I was 25yrs. But it didn’t click at the time. I was visiting Italy staying near Venice with a cousin. The 42nd Venice Biennale was on and he was representing the U.S.A. How could I of not been struck by his art at the time?

“You can find out how to do something and then do it or do something and then find out what you did.” Isamu Noguchi


art history?

William Turnball

At Art School, we studied the History of Art. Learning about the evolution of Art and Architecture. Especially the most known examples. Later I realised that a lot of artists had been forgotten and underrated. William Turnball was one of these. Again a secondhand book that I had stumbled across.

I found it heartening that he also had difficult periods. Not selling his work, finding it hard to pay his studio rent and buy materials. At times cannibalising finished sculptures to create new ones.

I particularly love his truth to the materials he sculpts. Never showing off any technical mastery, letting the mediums speak for themselves.

So I hope this little insight into the Sculptors that have influenced my art will also inspire you to create and see the world in a slightly different way. Better get off chipping!

One thought on “Sculptors Who Have Influenced My Art

  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful, natural, organic, tactile, ergonomic… oh and industrial and contradictory … a mash up of nature and man/woman fashioned ❤️

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