Born 1961, in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

John began his Artwork studies in Bournemouth, Dorset. Where he completed a course in the Foundation of Art and Design. Following which he achieved a placement to study Art, at Brighton Polytechnic.

Having completed 3 years` study in art at Brighton where he attained a BA (with Hons) degree. He then worked as an assistant to Phillip King P.R.A. and Pierre Vivant. helping in the realization of site-related installations at the Tout Portland Sculpture Park. It was here he met Antony Gormley while he was working on ” Man Falling ” as well as Peter Randall Page. Sculptors who have inspired him in his artwork.

Following this John went on to work in a French Stone Quarry owned by the Sculptor, Architect Armand Pellier. Where he was employed as a stone carver, which enabled him to hone his skills.

As furtherance to his job and in an effort to gain as much experience as possible, John undertook the setting up of workshops. Teaching carving techniques, to adults and children, in France and England, most notably, the Common Ground Project, which was based in Dorset. Sponsored by Henry Moore and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundations. In addition to this, he worked extensively, creating workshops for the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in its Pont du Gard Project, (a Roman Stone Bridge Aqueduct).

He now lives in Dorset, inspired by the local land and seascapes. His personal work reflecting natures geometric forms, curves, spirals. Playing with abstract and figurative shapes. Johns Artwork is in collections in the U.S.A. France, Ireland and England.

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