Abstract Relief paintings

This series of painting, entitled ‘Chance’, explores a constantly recurring theme which I find fascinating. The work plays with mathematical systems, geometric patterns, order and disorder; all the time setting boundaries and limitations within which these concepts function.

Geometric relief Painting.

“Divide I” Wood,acrylic. 53.5 x 43 x 3 cms. 2013. £ 650

Geometric Abstract Relief Painting

“Divide II” Wood, acrylic. 53.5 x 43 x 3 cms. 2013. £ 650

the idea

The initial idea often stems from the observation of forms, patterns and structures in the natural and man-made world, reflecting the diversity with which we are surrounded.
Materials chosen have above all their own identity and will dictate the progression and outcome of the piece. What properties do they possess? Do the break, split, bent? Can they be cut and shaped, added to or taken away from? By splitting the wood, rather than cutting. Hence the lines deviate from straight edges due to the internal structure of the grain. Getting under its skin or bark!

Stripe abstract painting in wood.

‘ Flag’ Wood, Acrylic. 79.5 X 50 X 5.5 cm. 2015. £ 850.

Abstract Relief Painting

‘ Diamond I ‘ Wood Relief, Acrylic. 53 X 53 X 3.3 cm. 2013. £ 850

By combining traits and characteristics within the material I construct reliefs using these ’chance’ findings, at the same time applying the rules of symmetry asymmetry, repetition, sequence. I then combine these with the key elements of art, colour, pattern, composition, space, form and texture. As I make these rules as a catalyst I can also change them as the work evolves if I,m unhappy with the results.

Abstract Relief Painting

‘ I B.W.G.’ Wood Relief, Acrylic. 33.5 X 43.5 X 3 cm. 2013. £650

Abstract Relief Painting

‘II B.W.G’ Wood Relief, Acrylic. 33.5 X 43.5 X 3 cm. 2013. £ 650


My painting has a direct relationship to my sculptures where I play with the same inspirations in 3-dimensions. Combining different stones materials to create an interaction of their particular characters.

As a result of using different components, this enables me to play with a selection of compositions. Order and disorder. Consequently, I love moving elements around until the perfect shape is found. Furthermore, the physical working with materials is very important to me and helps me discover new shapes, ideas.

Above all, I aim to create works that reflect fundamental truths that run through life and nature. Finally giving the viewer another way of seeing the beautiful world that surrounds us all.