After finishing my studies and moving back to Weymouth. Due to my proximity to the Portland Quarries, it only seemed natural to begin stone carving. Because of limited funds, I found small pieces of stone. Consequently assembling them together to make larger Sculptures. Likewise, Wood was easily found. Scavenged from the countryside and building sites.

I particularly remember sourcing a large Chestnut Tree that had been fallen for the construction of a housing estate. Taking my lumberjack saw I went there after the site workers had left. Needless to say, after a good hour of hard sawing, the saw stuck solidly. So I went home for another saw which also got stuck! Wedges, sledgehammer dammit! No luck. Then a night watchman turned up. Could things get any worse! To my surprise, he actually helped by getting a chainsaw and cutting the tree trunk. All I had to do was attach the sections to my push bike with straps and walk them home! Happy ever after!


During this last period, I was working in a beautiful limestone Quarry in the Province in France. Stone everywhere! Learning the skills of stone carving. Access to cheap materials, tools and workshop. So many different French Stones to choose from, Limestones, sandstones and marble. Spoilt for choice! There was also some very good Cote du Rhone which of course inspired me! As an Artist, I found the French people very supportive. I guess being a bit Bohemian is quite acceptable in their culture. I also met people who had been friends of no less than Picasso, Giacometti, etc. Fantastic stories and moments passed.

Sculptor John Davey,s Workshop
Rocky Knapp Workshop 1984

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little insight into my earlier stone carving. Seeing where I’ve found my inspirations and influences. I’m still learning and discovering new ways of expressing myself. Keeping that stone rolling! Have a look on my Sculpture page to see the new stuff!