Sculpture Exhibitions by John Davey

Over the years I’ve exhibited in many different towns and places. Some of the “Sculpture Exhibitions by John Davey” are group shows others solo. I’m always excited to have my work seen by other people. To have their input and views. To have a fresh view from new eyes. Also, I find that the Sculptures do change in different environments. Wither it’s in a Gallery or out in the landscape. The lighting and surrounding backdrops interact with the forms and curves. Helping me to see them in a new light. Often suggesting other new sculptures. Variations on a theme.

Sculpture Exhibitions by John Davey

1987  Chesil Gallery. Portland. England.

1988  The Grove Community Arts Centre. Dorchester. England.

1994  Week-end d,Arts Plastiques. Vers-Pont-du-Gard. France.

1995  Art Contemporain. Salle d,Atlande. Uzes. France.

Galerie Le Comptoir. Sete. France.

1998  Salon de Sculpture. Remoulins. France.

2000  Week-end de Sculpture. Uzes. France.

2002  Maison de Martin. Vers-Pont-du-Gard. France.

2003  Chez Beryl. Montfrin. France.

2005  Week-end de Sculpture. Uzes. France.

2008  Graham V Bundy Gallery. Abbotsbury. England.

2011  Whitestones Café Gallery. Portland. England.

2013 “Variations”. Whitestones Café Gallery. Portland. England.

2014  Art Asylum. Weymouth. England.

Dorset Art Weeks. Old Town Hall. Weymouth. England.

2016  Dorset Art Weeks. Whitestone Café Gallery. Portland. England.

Old Chapel Gallery. Abbotsbury. England.

2017 Open For Art 17. Portland Heights Hotel. England.

Art@Eype. Eype Chapel. England.

Shaftsbury Arts Centre. England.

The Park Gallery. Cheltenham. England.

S.W. Academy Open. Exeter Castle. England.

2018 The Coastal Gallery. Lymington. England.

Whyberd Gallery. Evercreech. England.

Dorset Art Weeks.”Art With a View” Weymouth. England.

2019 Artwey Open Studios. Weymouth. England.

Ilminster Open. Somerset. England. 1st Prize for Sculpture.

The Grange Gallery. Creech. Dorset. England.

Corfe Castle. National Trust. Dorset. England.

The Cove Gallery. Weymouth Dorset.

2020 Ilminster Arts Centre. Somerset. England.

Bridport Arts Centre. Artwey Group. Dorset. England.

Sculpture by the Lakes. Art Festival. Dorset. England.

2021 The Coastal Gallery. Lymington. England.

Sculpture by the Lakes. Dorset. England.

2022 Art With a View. Dorset Art Weeks.

Sculpture by the Lakes. Dorset. England.

Palais des Vaches. Exbury. Southampton.

Feel free to click any links to the galleries or additional information. I will be adding to the list as time goes on. Keep an eye on my News page for upcoming sculpture exhibitions if you would like to see my Sculptures in 3-D! Visit my Sculpture page for an idea.