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Portrait of the Artist By His Son

The Portrait

My Son Sean drew this portrait of me as an artist when he was ten, in 2006. I think he,s really captured my character. Especially the Celtic Nose! It always amazes me how young children have that creative talent, no preconceptions or limitations. They have an innocence. Looking at the world through fresh eyes. Not tainted by conventions or worries.

Drawing of the artist by Son
Portrait of John by his Son Sean

Working Together

While I was living in France in the Province working as a stonemason to make ends meet. I would frequently take my son Sean with me to help on the building sites. As you can see from the following photo!

At first, I thought he would slow me down, but in actual fact, he was more meticulous. Thus jointing stones precisely, giving the concrete mixer a good clean and many other jobs which helped me along. In some way, I was of course passing on the basic techniques of my trade. As well as important work ethics. For instance getting up early, hard work, initiative. The love of accomplishing good work.

Son helping on Site
My Son Sean helping me!

This particular project was to carve and build two stone pillars for ” Le Chateau de la Commanderie” in a village called St Siffret in the Province.( A Knights Templar Castle.)

A lot of preparation was needed for the pillars to support the heavy iron gates which were installed later. At first making one reinforced concrete foundation that crossed from one pillar to the other, consolidating their rigidity. Additionally, all the stones were hand-carved to leave the tool marks apparent. Subsequently harmonising with the age of the Castle itself.

Stone Pillars La Commanderie St Siffret
Restoration of Pillars at le Commanderie St Siffret France

I also look back at this special time working alongside my son and realise how important it was. He’s now coming up to his 25th birthday. Where does the time go? Hope you enjoyed this Portrait of the Artist by His Son page. Feel free to visit my sculpture page to see my personal artworks.

They grow up so fast. 

My Son Weymouth
Sean, Weymouth 2017

Pablo Picasso famously said ” Every child is an Artist the problem is how to remain an Artist once we grow up.”

2 thoughts on “Portrait of the Artist By His Son

  1. Lucas Weschke says:

    Hi John
    Sorry I did not get to chat with you much at Olivia’s house on Saturday. I was in a rather strange place. I thought your sculptures looked great. Congratulations on terrific exhibition. Look forwards to meeting you again. All best – Lucas

    • johndaveyartist says:

      Thanks, Lucas brilliant venue with such nice people. Hope to catch up with you in the near future. Take care John

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