Taster Portland Stone Carving Workshops For Dorset Art Weeks in Weymouth

First stone carving workshops

Art With a View Exhibition Garden

View over the Garden to Portland Harbour.

With the first workshops finished awaiting the next. So many talented sculptors out there. The weather held and dare I say it? It was nearly too hot! The setting looking across Portland Harbour towards Portland was inspiring. Especially as we were carving the beautiful Portland stone.

As usual, there was the normal nervousness of my students, confronted by the stone and the carving techniques to learn. But within a few minutes, I could see their confidence growing. The sound of chisels being tapped, a music to my ears.

Of course, there were the usual little accidents, a few chips here and there. The Celtic knotwork pieces needed a little bit of unravelling.

celtic heart

celtic heart

Under? Over? But we did succeed with a little perseverance. I never succeeded in getting my Knots badge at the Sea Scouts!

Stone carving Taster Courses Weymouth

Budding First Time Sculptors At The Taster Workshops





So after just a couple of hours, the masterpieces were finished and I think for complete beginners they did brilliantly. I think they surprised themselves. With one student taking on some small blocks to continue their stone carving journey.

Being in such a beautiful place was truly inspirational. Also being surrounded by beautiful Artwork in the Art With a View Exhibition. Fantastic paintings by the owner Olivia Nurrish, Jewellery and Prints by Clare Buckle & Andrea Frankham Huges. Sculpture by myself John Davey.

Although I have been carving for over 35yrs I,m still learning and I feel privileged to be able to pass on my passion for stone carving. P.S. A bit of future competition?

Art with a view

I was also so pleased to see my sculptures in this particular spot. My sail sculptures overlooking the harbour and Portland. The only problem being as the wind changed direction I had to turn the sculptures to be in the right direction! Only joking.

Sail VII. Portland & Savernake Stone.

Sail VII. Portland & Savernake Stone.

So wherever you are, if you’re interested in Stone Carving, find your local Sculptor who runs workshops and book yourselves a session. I,m sure you’ll be chuffed.

Also, Olivia does rent out accommodation for more details visit her site. Glenthorne.

I,d love to get any feedback about my work, feel free to comment.

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