Taster Portland Stone Carving Workshops For Dorset Art Weeks in Weymouth

Taster Stone Carving Workshops

Art With a View Exhibition Garden
View over the Garden to Portland Harbour.

With the first Taster Stone Carving workshops finished awaiting the next. I reflected on the fantastic sculptures created by the first students. How fast they learnt and grew in confidence. The weather held and dare I say it? It was nearly too hot! The setting looking across Portland Harbour towards Portland was inspiring. Especially as we were carving the beautiful Portland stone. I specifically chose stones with the finest grain to capture the smallest of details.

The Workshop

As usual, there was the normal nervousness of my students, at first confronted by the stone and the carving techniques to learn. But within a few minutes, I could see their confidence growing. I really enjoyed listening to the sound of chisels being tapped, which was definitely music to my ears. As time went on the rhythm became more regular showing their mastery of the tools and technique.

Of course, there were the usual little accidents, a few chips here and there. The Celtic knotwork pieces needed a little bit of unravelling.

Under? Over? Nevertheless, we did succeed with a little perseverance and some backstitching. I never succeeded in getting my Knots badge at the Sea Scouts!

Stone carving Taster Courses Weymouth
Budding First Time Sculptors At The Taster Workshops

So after just a few hours, the masterpieces were finally finished and I think for complete beginners they did brilliantly. As shown below. Each piece was unique and original. I think they surprised themselves. With one student taking on some small blocks to continue their stone carving journey. Once again another client catches the creative bug. Will you be the next one?

In fact, although I have been carving for over 40yrs I,m still learning and I feel particularly privileged to be able to pass on my passion for stone carving. P.S. A bit of future competition?

Art with a View

To see my Sculptures in this stunning environment was amazing. Especially, my sail sculptures beside the coast edge. Overlooking the harbour and Portland Isle, as well as Chesil Beach in the background. Of course the ideal setting for my Maritime theme. The amazing views around were breathtaking and what a site to inspire your artistic juices. As an Artist who loves above all natures forms and curves, I was in my element. Watching Portlands shape change as the weather conditions came and went. At the same time, the nearby sea’s surface would change its aspect, sometimes smooth at other times rough. In addition, the only problem being as the wind changed direction I had to turn the sculptures to be in the right direction! Only joking.

Sail VII. Portland & Savernake Stone.
Sail VII. Portland & Savernake Stone.

If you would like to try your hand at Stone Carving, do contact me. I will, in brief, teach you the basic techniques to carve your sculpture from a block of stone to an accomplished finished art piece. After you can proudly take it home to show off to your friends and family. Not to mention the memories of having a creative experience. Of course, there’s an Artist in every one of us!

” I really enjoyed my Beginners Stone Carving Workshops and am now the proud owner of three Portland stone carvings in my garden. If you are interested in trying stone carving, I would thoroughly recommend John’s workshops” Susan.

For those that are looking for accommodation, there are onsite flats to rent next to a swimming pool as well as access to the beautiful Castle Cove Beach. Just follow this link. Glenthorne.

I,d love to get any feedback about my work, feel free to comment.

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