Out of Chaos Comes Order!

Well busy preparing new sculptures for the next exhibition, Art@Eype 14-16 July. Will be showing with a lot of local talented Artists in a beautiful venue.

So as usual working on several sculptures at the same time. I find that each sculpture influences the others. Sometimes I feel like knocking of big lumps other times refining small details. It all depends how I,m tuned in at the time.

Its often that starting from a simple idea, sketch, through the making process other variations appear. A dialogue opens between the maker and the material.

I really love the apparent chaos in the workshop and how gradually the sculptures become more refined, until they finally hold their place as a finished piece.

So of to the workshop to do some more carving. A bit cooler today in Dorset. Yesterday it was fairly hot but nothing like the 45 degrees I experienced when I was working in the French Quarry in the Midi. Phew!

I,d love to get any feedback about my work, feel free to comment.

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