As a young Artist, I found myself with many limitations. Money based mainly, small workshops or none at all, no car, having to ask favours from friends to move materials.

All I wanted was a large piece of stone to carve. But with no means of transport or money to buy it, I found myself becoming the typical frustrated artist. With a big chip on my shoulder!

The following Sculpture was carved during my placement in the Common Ground DARSET Project. Working with rural primary schools carving sculptures inspired by the local landscapes. Half of the time carving my own artwork

. A lot of the schools were situated in river valleys and the flow of water has always fascinated me. Also working as a stone mason I carved many archways, this vertical sculpture has these elements placed in an alternative sequence, giving it this flowing motion.

Stone Totem Sculpture

“Flow” Portland Stone. 1988. Common Ground D.A.R.S.E.T. Project.

I began to find smaller stones and decided to compose them together to make larger pieces. When I look back at these previous sculptures I realise that the very thing I hated, these so-called limitations, pushed me in a very creative direction that still influences my artwork. Being able to buy and transport my sculptures without heavy lifting apparatus.

My love of Inca Art and Architecture has definitely been a subconscious influence in my sculpture, how massive stones have been carved to fit together with hardly any joints.

Inca Wall

Inca Wall

I now see the infinite possibilities within these constraints. Its enabled me to appreciate the creative process and to no longer feel hard done by!

“The Enemy of Art is the Abscence of Limitations” Orson Welles.

Hope you enjoy these images and see the potential that I once ignored.

I,d love to get any feedback about my work, feel free to comment.

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