Two Sculptures Finished. Another Started.

After the mayhem of disorder these two sculptures pulled themselves together!

Following my series of Sail sculptures, this one is more angled, leaning back. Much more like a Windsurfing sail. Changing its dynamic. Remember sailing in Portland Harbour in a Force 7-8, leaning back into the wind, trying to read the surface of the water for the next gust. Frequently misjudging and being catapulted head over head unable to release the harness in time!

” Sail VII ” Portland and Savernake Stone.

This Sculpture ” Tale ” in Carrara Marble and Black Granite took a bit of carving. Learning how to cut and polish harder stones. Working through several grades of abrasives to get the final polish. Really pleased with the result. The form goes back to playing with circular curves, bisecting each other. I think its a bit like the shapes of Butterfly Wings but you may see other things?

” Tale ” Carrara Marble & Black Granite


Some Abstract Paintings For a Change

These series of abstract paintings, explore a constantly recurring theme which I find fascinating. Playings with mathematical systems, geometric patterns, order and disorder; all the time setting boundaries and limitations within which these concepts function.

The initial idea often stems from observation of forms, patterns and structures in the natural and man-made world, reflecting the diversity with which we are surrounded.

Materials chosen have their own identity and will dictate the progression and outcome of the piece. What properties do they possess? Do the break, split, bent? Can they be cut and shaped, added to or taken away from?

By combining traits and characteristics within the material I construct reliefs using these ’chance’ findings, at the same time applying the rules of symmetry asymmetry, repetition, sequence, combining these with the key elements of art, colour, pattern, composition, space, form and texture.


Sail Sculptures

A few of the latest Sculptures inspired by my sailing days teaching windsurfing at Sandesfoot beach in Weymouth. A little bit of freestyle and when the wind really blew, racing across Portland Harbour, negotiating the gusts, salt encrusted, wind in my hair. ( Which I had then! ) Really enjoy carving these. The fragility of the stone, the mixture of curves.

So if your free, come and see them at Art@Eype 14-16th July. Lots of other beautiful art by local Artists.

Art@Eype Exhibition 14-16th July

Just a little taster of sculptures I will be showing at Art@Eype. Usual hectic time, collecting sculptures from the previous exhibition. Finishing of new ones. Might start to make sculptures in Balsa wood! Not really, but making stone sculptures is keeping me fit ( to drop!) Think I deserve some liquid refreshment. Enjoy this little selection.

So hoping to see you there, lots of other styles of art from other local talented Artists. Stunning venue and landscapes.

Poster for Exhibition

Poster for Exhibition Art@Eype

Out of Chaos Comes Order!

Well busy preparing new sculptures for the next exhibition, Art@Eype 14-16 July. Will be showing with a lot of local talented Artists in a beautiful venue.

So as usual working on several sculptures at the same time. I find that each sculpture influences the others. Sometimes I feel like knocking of big lumps other times refining small details. It all depends how I,m tuned in at the time.

Its often that starting from a simple idea, sketch, through the making process other variations appear. A dialogue opens between the maker and the material.

I really love the apparent chaos in the workshop and how gradually the sculptures become more refined, until they finally hold their place as a finished piece.

So of to the workshop to do some more carving. A bit cooler today in Dorset. Yesterday it was fairly hot but nothing like the 45 degrees I experienced when I was working in the French Quarry in the Midi. Phew!

Sculpture Exhibition Extended

Will be continuing to exhibit my sculptures at Portland Heights for a couple of more weeks. You’ll find some in the foyer and others in the courtyard. Please feel free to visit if your on The Rock. Have a coffee, meal and also enjoy the stunning panoramic view across Chesil Beach.

Sculptures in Courtyard

Sculptures in the Courtyard of Portland Heights Hotel


Well what a two weeks. Lots of good feedback and interest. Two sculptures sold. Was really nice to see my sculptures caressed by visitors, quite therapeutic! So pleased to see the other artists have their work appreciated and I really enjoyed the banter between the artists.

I will continue to exhibit at the Portland Heights Hotel for a couple of more weeks, so please drop in if you’re on the Island.

Sail sculpture in Stone

Sail I. Portland Stone and Savernake Stone. 61 x 45 x 16 cms. 2017. Private Collection

So gotta get chipping for the next exhibition at Eype. Lots of ideas and looking forward to seeing you there.

eype exhibition



Well pretty busy finishing of some new sculptures. Pleased with how its going. The ” Shell I ” sculpture was started over 30 yrs ago, wasn,t happy with the base at that time. The Bathstone was recuperated from a skip while some builders were demolishing the old Salvation Army Hall in Weymouth, where the Colwell Shopping center is now. Using an old belt strapped it to the crossbar of my pushbike and walked it home! Passion!

Shell Sculpture

“Shell I “.Bath and Portland Stone, Oak 2017

The following sculpture goes back to my windsurfing days. Always loved the shapes of Sails so sculptural in form. This is the first of a potential series, playing on different sails, designs, textures.

So only a few weeks to go. Opening on the 20th for two weeks at the Portland Heights Hotel with lots of other local talent and exhibitions in Dorchester, Weymouth & Portland. Hope to see you there.

Open for Art 2017

Looking forward to participating in this project, I will be showing my sculptures and paintings with other talented artists at Portland Heights Hotel.cover page open for art This initiative is being organised by Artwey whose aim is to promote the diversity of visual arts produced in Weymouth and Portland. This new venture showcasing the wealth of artistic talent found in Dorchester, Weymouth and Portland. With over 80 artists participating, showing their Art in a variety of places, galleries, studios, offices, cafes and historical buildings. Its going to be quite a treasure hunt. page 37 exhibition

The Old Chapel Gallery Abbotsbury

Found a beautiful Gallery in Abbotsbury who accepted to show a few of my sculptures. The owners are very passionate and have an amazing selection of Art and Craft made by local artists. At the moment they have three very talented painters showing their Artwork.Well worth a visit.

Current Exhibition

One of the Sculptures Im exhibiting was inspired by the local seascapes, the rounded beach pebbles breaking though the seas surface. The two stones were hand carved ( don’t want to get in trouble stealing Chesil pebbles!) and don’t actually touch, just a papers width gap. Come and have a peek!

‘See Between’ Portland and Indiana Limestone, Ash.