John Davey Stone Sculptures

Bridport Art Exhibition Treasure Planet 2020

Artwey Group Exhibition

Allsop Gallery at Bridport Arts Centre

20th Feb-21st March

Fantastic art exhibition at the Bridport Arts Centre by the Weymouth based Art Group, Artwey. Really pleased to be taking part in this exhibition with such a varied style of art as well as many different media. Acrylic, Oils, Pastel, Ceramic, Wood, Encaustic Wax. Realistic and abstract styles catering for every taste. Also at very reasonable prices.

There is an incredible amount of work that goes into holding a group exhibition like this. I won’t mention names for fear of forgetting someone!

  • Booking the Venue
  • Contacting the Artists
  • Asking for photos, Artist Statements, Contact Details.
  • Publicity. Posters. Invitations. Press articles.
  • Organising the Stewarding.
  • Arranging, placing and hanging the works in a presentable manner.
  • Preparing the Private View. (Buying the Wine! And tasting Hic!)
  • Selling the Artworks. Receipts, card payments, cash.
  • Cleaning up afterwards.
  • Stewarding, taking care of Visitors.
  • Taking down the exhibition.
  • Tidying up.

It’s Not Just The Making.

For every artist, the pleasure is in the making of their creation. Making something from your imagination. Making it real. It never turns out as you imagined it and that’s why you do it. To find out what it may look like. As you create with the material they show their personal characters. Suggesting different possibilities. It’s this interaction that is so exciting. As a famous artist once said. ” I always do what I don’t know how to do. Because what I know how to do, I’ve already done”

After the making, you have to get your work out there. Galleries, friends, social media, Art Groups. Lots of time promoting your work and lots of perseverance. At times you may have lots of compliments but nothing sold. It takes perseverance and belief in what you are doing and to be honest I have to do it for my wellbeing. It’s part of who I am.

So getting ready for the opening night and looking forward to meeting other talented artists, friends and hopefully clients. A big thank you to Artwey and the volunteers who made this possible. If you would like to see more of my work feel free to visit my sculpture page and leave a comment. Always open to constructive interaction.

I,d love to get any feedback about my work, feel free to comment.

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