Favourite Painters

Some of My Favourite Painters

A small selection of my favourite painters whose work I adore. Would also love to have their paintings hanging on my wall! Will have to do some saving! Have to make do with reproductions.

Although in my art I work mainly with abstract shapes I do appreciate portraiture, still-lifes, landscapes. There is, first of all, that emotional response to a painting, which I think is the essential reaction.

After some time I can see the other layers and details that make them so pleasing to my senses. Their textures, geometry, composition.

Sean Scully

This is one artist whose work I discovered only a few years ago. The edges and sculptural forms are so suggestive. Reminding me of the stacked slabs of stone surrounding me, when I was working in a quarry. Also my lego days as a young child! Off course I wasn’t at all surprised later when I saw his large stone constructions.

Euan Uglow

Euan Uglow Painting is one of my favourite artists
Euan Uglow

I was lucky enough to have stumbled across Euan Uglow’s paintings on a visit to London. It was while I was studying Art at Brighton. We had to visit the big Art Exhibitions once every term. I always visited the little Art Galleries in Cork Street. It was there I was lucky enough to see his work in the real. Struck by the geometrical aspect of his images. The strong use of facets, lines.

Victor Pasmore

Painter Victor Pasmore one of my favourite painters
Painter Victor Pasmore

I particularly like this amazing British Painter. Who found a lot of his inspirations from the Cornish Landscapes. His mixture of abstract forms, lines, curves is so suggestive. Rock pools, granite outcrops. I happened upon a great documentary about his art. In particular, a section where they hid a camera in the gallery. Recording visitors conversations. There was a couple of adults who really didn’t appreciate abstract art. But luckily there were a couple of children who loved it. No preconceptions. When do we lose that innocence?

Patrick George

Patrick George one of my favourite painters.
Patrick George

As a painter from the Slade School of Art Patrick George used a certain method of measuring, constructing that remains as part of the finished painting. I find the brushstrokes and lines so sensitive. They really capture the personality of the sitter. His rendering of the light falling on his subjects is also so beautiful.

I,d love to get any feedback about my work, feel free to comment.

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